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Osho Media International - New Books For A New World

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New York/London: A new international publishing imprint ‘OSHO MEDIA INTERNATONAL’ will start releasing books by Osho into the international English book market. After several years in preparation Osho International has the different elements for a new publishing outlet in place. We have always known how to produce beautiful books. All over the world books by Osho have been winning design awards for many years. The missing part has been for many years a distribution model and now Osho International has entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Publisher Group West, a distribution unit of the Perseus Publishing Group in the US. The first series of five titles will be released in spring of 2009 and can be ordered throughout the world. The OSHO Times and the OSHO International Newsletter will give regular updates about the development and individual book releases. David Alexander, a publishing veteran of many years who first published books by Osho in 1993 under the Element, UK label express his excitement about the upcoming launch date of the new imprint. “I am reading these books with excitement since many years and we have taken valuable steps in the market place over the last years to prepare this project. Finally Osho has a again an international imprint for his works which does not depend on personal likings or disliking of a editor at a publishing house. We can now release again books by Osho which many publishing houses rejected for many years as “too controversial” and make them now directly available to a worldwide audience. 
The list will become what is called in publishing a ‘back-list’, bringing back into print Osho’s beautiful classic works, many of them which have been out of print for some time and some which have just been translated from Hindi and will be available for the first time in English. The new list will have to compete for shelve space in book stores in a tough book market, but we are convinced that now, where Osho has become an international bestselling author with books in 54 languages, the expanding market for English book will bring these books to an ever increasing number of people interested in Osho. 
The list is planned as a long term project, feeding not on the book market in English speaking countries, but also distributing to non-English speaking countries where people like to read Osho in the original English. The lead title of the first series will be a title which fits very much into the current climate. 
The God Conspiracy exposes as a first step the history-old conspiracy of the politician and the priest against humanity, joy, pleasure, comfort and luxury. The politician would touch the feet of the priest and the priest enforced a certain kind of society on people – all in the name of God. Osho makes a strong point that the discussion about believe or disbelieve in god is a dead end in itself. Not believe, but only experiencing is a way of finding truth and meaning. While Friedrich Nietzsche’s declaration that “God is Dead, therefore man is free” has been an incredible step in understanding – it is in itself a negative solution and has not brought freedom. Simply removing God is not enough to achieve freedom. The atheistic philosophy of Communism has shown the endless abyss of meaninglessness – a vacuum that will be again and again filled with false meaning. Osho offers which Nietzsche was unaware of – meditation – a direct connection with existence itself. Zen and meditation allow to find meaning and significance, creativity, receptivity and a path to freedom. Zen has no God, but it has a tremendous science to transform our consciousness, to bring so much awareness that it is impossible to commit evil. But it is not imposed through commandments; it comes rather from our innermost being and understanding. 
THE BOOK OF WISDOM, GOLD NUGGETS AND THE MUSTARD SEED are other jewels in the first series of releases in early of 2009. A new edition of the Buddha Deck DISCOVER THE BUDDHA adds a gift item with Osho’s beautiful transformation of Buddha’s wisdom into modern times.