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Swiss Government Reinstates Board of Directors of Osho International Foundation

All accusations against the board of directors proven to be false. Swiss government and administration clear directors of all charges and confirm that foundation is doing its work according to Osho’s intentions.

Zurich, 13th September 2014: The Swiss government authorities (EDI) in a strongly and decisively worded written decision of 12th September 2014 reversed an earlier order which had temporarily suspended the board of directors of Osho International Foundation after accusations made by Robert Doetsch aka “Swami Ramateertha” proved to be totally false and baseless. (We had informed you in a mailing in June about the decision of the European Trademark case, decided in favor of the Zurich foundation, and the new attack by Ramateertha which had taken place at the time.)

As a result of this 12th September decision the five directors of the foundation have been reinstated by the Swiss government with full control of all day-to-day activities of OIF, including all publishing and international licensing activities of Osho’s works around the world.

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