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Osho's Name

When Osho renounced all his former names in 1989, he requested that he should be known simply as 'Osho' and that no reference to former names should be made. Osho International Foundation follows this request by publishing his work as requested only under the name Osho.

OSHO Images

Osho selected specific images of photos of himself to represent him and his work in public and on the publications of his work. These images are from specific time periods and show Osho in a style and presentation he asked to be used. He was also especially clear that no old images are to be used. The foundation and our licensees respect this request and use only those images authorized by Osho. The Osho Photo Archive is protected by international copyright law. The right to use his image and the name were assigned to the foundation.

Not an Ashram

As early as 1989 Osho stated that he did not want his place in Pune to be called "ashram". From 1989 - 2001 the place was known as the OSHO Commune International and is today known as the OSHO International Meditation Resort. The foundation does not use the word ashram in any publication or promotion. Any press visitor, licensee and film project is asked to sign legal documents which ensures that the word "ashram" is not used in any presentation about Osho, the OSHO International Meditation Resort and his work.