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Perhaps a Christian conditioning makes people think that anything 'spiritual' should be free. Osho's insight is that the mind gives scant value to anything that is free. Nothing around Osho was free. He reminded us again and again of the importance to remember that freedom comes only from responsibility and one such responsibility is that of paying.

Osho has responded to many questions in this regards. Some text excerpts here, another excerpt is available as video from a press interview.

"You are ready to go to the movie and pay for it; why should you not pay for your meditation and the lecture if you want to hear it?"

"You ask why you have to pay here? The price that is asked is nothing; it is just the beginning of learning a certain lesson: that one has to pay for everything, and ... CERTAINLY for meditation -- because it is the highest thing in life."

"You pay for everything in life, why not for your meditation? "

Quotes from: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 4,#10