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OSHO TEERTH, created in 1994 and maintained by OSHO International Foundation is located in Pune City, India. It is a beautiful garden park that has been created out of a publicly owned former wasteland surrounding a sewage-ridden stream, called a nalla. Where once existed a dirty, foul-smelling area shunned by plants, birds and human alike, there now is a quiet expanse filled with clear flowing water, lush green trees and a rainbow of flora and fauna. It has become a place where nature has re-established a harmonious beauty and where people can find relaxation and a taste of quiet meditation. OSHO Teerth is not only a beautiful park. It is also an ecological statement made by a group of people who are seeking to reverse the degradation of nature in a model project which will help re-establish a balance between a clean, healthy environment and the needs of a modern city. The project addresses issues related to water regeneration and use, irrigation, health and social education, land use, reforestation and beautification. This one small seed contains the potential to flower into many community-based projects of its kind. It can contribute immeasurably to the livability of humanity's habitat.